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- an easy and professional instrument for everyone -

𝄞  an easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use instrument for everyone
𝄞  childrens' first instrument experience full of fun, colorful, portable, always on
𝄞  gamers, geeks who know ocarina from various computer games
𝄞  everyone who wants to relaunch their skills by making music
𝄞  all ocarinas are tuned one by one and by hand
𝄞  wide range of tunings shapes and colours, soft sound, less shrill than other flutes, soft sound,
𝄞  long lasting instrument, ancient craft, made by natural clay
𝄞  all ocarinas come with fingering charts and songbooks for beginners and layman, former musical education s not necessary


- an easy and professional instrument for everyone -

My passion is to produce clay flutes, also known as ocarina. They are available in various shapes, colours and different tunings. It is a folk and eternal instrument from the medieval ages, although you can see ocarinas also these days in popular computer games such as Zelda's Ocarina of Time. Anyone can learn to play these instruments at home very easily.

Arpad Takacs Ocarinas 1.jpg
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Arpad Takacs
Adress: Tancsics M. u. 88. 
H - 1238  Budapest, Hungary
Tel.: +36309428308
VAT: HU42789079
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